• Where is the event happening?

    This year’s event will be in the heart of North Park on North Park Way at 30th Street (or between Ray Street and Granada Avenue)

  • What’s the best time to arrive?

    General admission tickets are valid from 12pm – 4pm. 

  • Will you post the names of the ice cream shops in advance?

    Yes! You can find the most up-to-date information about the shops at this year’s festival on our website.

  • What time does the festival start and end?

    General Admission Ticket: Valid from 12pm – 4pm & VIP Ice Cream Lounge Ticket: Valid from 11am – 4pm (early admittance) VIP hour from 11am – 12pm!

  • How big are the samples?

    Each sample will be about 1 oz. For reference, a scoop of ice cream from your favorite shop is about 4-5 oz. 

  • Wow, there are lots of ice cream shops! Will I be able to sample all of them?

    One General Admission ticket gets you a total of 10, 1 oz samples from participating vendors. Only 1 sample per vendor allowed.

  • What will the weather be like at the festival?

    Being that the event is in San Diego, chances are it will be quite nice! We expect it to be sunny and 70-75 degrees. So bring your appetite, sunglasses, and sunscreen!

  • I have a dog. Can they come?

    Yes! We love dogs and some of our vendors will be handing out samples made especially for them!

  • I’m a member of the media. How do I make arrangements for a media pass?

    Please visit the contact page on our website or send an email to scoopsandiegofest@gmail.com

  • If I leave the event, can I get back in?

    No re-entry allowed. 

  • Who is the Community Charity Partner?

    We are excited to be partnering with Alpha Project, a local nonprofit organization that provides services to individuals experiencing homelessness. 100% of the net proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to this important organization.

  • I cannot attend but want to help out in other ways. What can I do?

    Scoop San Diego is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The funds raised through our events support underserved communities in San Diego. Monies raised this year will benefit Alpha Project. Please consider making a donation to us via our GoFundMe.

  • Do you need volunteers?

    Yes! Please visit our website for information about volunteering at this year’s event. On our site you will also see a link to complete a form.

  • Are there any influencer collaboration opportunities?

    We love collaborating with influencers, foodies, and content creators! Our collaborations have already been allocated for the 4th Annual Scoop San Diego Ice Cream Festival. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in collaborating at future events.


Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased here.

What’s the refund policy for this year?

We will accept refunds up until 48 hours before the event.

What does the General Admission ticket include?

One General Admission ticket gets you a total of 10, 1oz samples from participating vendors. Only 1 sample per vendor allowed. 

What does the VIP ticket include?

One VIP tickets includes:

– An opportunity to mingle with local ice cream and gelato chefs who will be serving exclusive flavors only available in the VIP Lounge

– A cool, shaded space to relax and chill in between sampling your favorite frozen treats

– A General Admission Ticket

– Early entry to the festival starting at 11am

Does everyone need a ticket?

No. You are more than welcome to come to the event for free and walk around. If you want to sample ice cream from the vendors you will need to purchase a ticket.

Does my child need a ticket?

A general admission ticket gets you 10, 1 oz samples from any of the participating vendors. You can share your samples with your children (or get them their own ticket if you want to enjoy all the ice cream for yourself 😋). 

How will I keep track of all of the delicious ice cream I will be eating at the event?

We will be providing one tasting card per ticket purchased. You will need to provide this card to each of the ice cream vendors you visit in order to receive a sample. They will check off this card after you have been given your sample. Tickets can be purchased here.

How do I retrieve my tasting card?

Please visit our registration booth when you arrive at the festival. Our volunteer team will get you checked-in and will provide you with your tasting card. Staff will be at this booth throughout the event provide assistance.

I purchased a ticket but cannot find the confirmation email. What should I do?

Please send an email to scoopsandiegofest@gmail.com with your full name so we can locate your ticket and send the confirmation email to you.

Can I buy tickets at the event?

No tickets will be sold on the day of the event. Please plan ahead and purchase your tickets before they sell out! Purchase tickets here.

Can I buy tickets at the event?

No tickets will be sold on the day of the event. Please plan ahead and purchase your tickets before they sell out! Purchase tickets here.

How can I receive updates about this year’s festival and anything else Scoop San Diego is doing?

Please visit our website for information. We will be updating this continuously. Also please consider signing up for our mailing list (also on our website).

What Can I Bring?

Are strollers allowed at the festival?


I have a dog. Can they come?

Yes! We love doggos (hint: we will have special frozen treats for them too).

travel and parking

Will I be able to park in the event space?

We recommend using the multi-level parking structure located on 3829 29th street. It’s right next to where the festival will be so you cannot miss it! Second option is to park on the street at the nearby residential areas that are in walking distance to the festival.

Where is the nearest bus stop?

At 30th street and University (the route 2 bus runs through here).

What’s at the festival?

Will there be dairy-free ice cream at the festival? Vegan?

Yes and Yes.

Will there be nuts in any of the samples?

Yes it is possible that some of the ice cream and gelato samples will contain nuts. If you have a nut allergy, please note that all samples may contain nuts through processing and packaging. It is possible for samples to be contaminated with peanuts or other nuts.

Will there be restrooms?

Yes. There will be two in total – one of them is accessible.

Will there be medical services on site?

Yes. There will be a registered nurse on site at the festival and first aid supplies.

Where do I go if I have questions about the festival?

We will have volunteers walking around the event space that can answer your questions.

Can I get water on site?

No water will be onsite for festival attendees. We ask that attendees bring their own water or other beverages with them to the event.

Will there be merch that I can buy?

There will be a limited number of Scoop San Diego branded T-shirts, caps and canvas totes for you to purchase. Also, some shops will be selling merch at their booths!

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