Scoop San Diego’s commitment to bringing the very first ice cream festival to our community would not be possible without the relationships we’ve made with local ice cream and gelato shops. Our goal is to leverage these relationships in new and exciting ways, and to ultimately push the boundaries of what a food festival can do for a community.

Each year, Scoop San Diego will feature a special community partnership that showcases the non-profit organization benefitting from the festival proceeds. For this year’s festival, we are incredibly honored to partner with Monarch School and Stella Jean’s Ice Cream.

Like Monarch School, Stella Jean’s Ice Cream, a vendor in this year’s festival, is no stranger to innovation. Shop owners, Gan Suebsarakham and Steven Torres, continue to raise the bar for handcrafted, small batch ice cream with their unique flavors, by showing their love of San Diego via their own established community partnerships. Because of their innovation and creativity, Monarch School and Stella Jean’s Ice Cream were selected as 2019’s first Scoop San Diego Community Partnership.

In May, Stella Jean’s and the Scoop San Diego team visited Monarch School to teach the students how an ice cream base can be infused with ingredients from their school’s garden. On the first day, the students hand-picked herbs they thought would make the tastiest ice cream flavor and pair well with cookies that will be provided by Cardamom Cafe and Bakery at the festival.

Chef Suebsarakham infused two pre-made ice cream bases; one with mint and Madagascar vanilla, and the other with honey and rosemary. After this demonstration, Chef Suebsarakham traveled back to Stella Jean’s to chill the ice cream for 24 hours in preparation for the tasting activities planned for the second day.

Day two was the most exciting since it involved the blind taste test. Students sampled the two creations and voted for their favorite flavor. After much deliberation and ice cream sampling, they chose honey rosemary as their favorite.

Next, the students were asked to come up with a creative name and decided on Royal Rosemary, named after their school’s mascot. Festival attendees will have the opportunity to sample this special bonus ice cream flavor at the Monarch School booth.

Monarch School
Stella Jeans
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